A Little Music... Absolute Workout Faves

by Katie
Although I really enjoy working out, I am not one of those natural athletes who loves to run with only the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears. No, my iPod is pretty much as necessary a part of my workout gear as my shoes and I like to keep it well stocked with truly motivation tracks.  A lot of good workout music can lose it's effectiveness pretty quickly so it's kind of a neverending task. However, there are a few songs that have been on my list for years and years and can still wind me up when all I want to do is quit. I went for a ridiculous run straight up a mountain this weekend with my interns-all of them at LEAST ten years younger than me-and these were my go to songs. Because don't we all need some extra help when it's cold and I'd really rather be watching 30 Rock and eating?  Here my suggestions...

The only word I can think of to describe this song is "explosive". The lyrics, the beat, Lisa Kekaula's killer voice-the combination gets my heart pounding before I even start running. Gets extra points for being a pretty rad post-breakup run song.

My friend Matt once told me this was the best song EVER to run to. It's spent eighteen solid months on my playlist so I think he might be right. I use this one when my lungs are just so ready to throw in the towel and it never fails me.

You will eventually learn of my deep and abiding love for Fleetwood Mac. So imagine my joy when I found this remix of Dreams that is absolutely MADE for a date with the treadmill. I used this one a few weeks ago when I happened to be working out a mere 10 feet from Michael Phelps and didn't want to look like a pansy.

Happy sweating friends!


Deb said...

Thanks! My sister and I were just talking about how we need to update our workout music!

corinne said...

katie, i am LOVING that DJ Antoine song. Totally perfect for my ultimate workout hits. Thank you.


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