A Little Idea... An Exercise in Introspection and Editing

By Erin S.
I heard an awesome story on Talk of the Nation on NPR today and 
thought I'd share.

Legend has it that Earnest Hemingway was once asked to write a story 
in just six words.  His response, "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."
Smith Magazine has taken the six word concept a step further and is 
encouraging it's readers to submit six word memoirs.  They asked 
their readers to describe their life right now in six words, and got 
an amazingresponse. They received so many brilliant submissions 
that they have compiled several books, the most recent of which is 
"It All Changed in an Instant."
In my design work I try to get it down to most simple design possible 
to convey the message.  Six word memoirs are an exercise in the same 
self editing.  It's much harder than it seems, and is a great way to flex
your literary skills and take a moment to reflect on your life.
Look through some of the examples, take a few minutes and come
up with six words that tell the story of your life right now and post
it in the comments.  What's my memoir you ask?
My six word memoir:  Still undefined and okay with that.

Here are a few more examples to inspire you, including a few from 
some famous memoirists...

From bar singer to halloween costume. - Taylor Hicks

Journalism, Ha!  Just make stuff up. - Dave Barry

Barney, Doogie, average names allude me. - Neil Patrick Harris

Well, I thought it was funny - Stephen Colbert

After Harvard, had baby with crackhead. - Robin Templeton

Painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult. - Linda Williamson

Just let me finish this row. - Annonymous Avid Knitter

So go to it!  I can't wait to see what the brilliant women 
who read this blog come up with!


ABrooks said...

Ok. I will go first...

Here goes:
Always having new ideas is exhausting!

I have a new business idea nearly every day! My husband is getting tired of me :)


Heidi said...

Where do I go from here?

Amy said...

Work in progress please be patient!

Kick-It Marketing said...

One Life time isn't enough time.

Somer said...

Not what I planned, maybe better.

myrtle budge said...

Just a mom to seven kids.

Hall of Fame said...

Children and laundry are never ending.

Todays trials are tomorrows happy memories.

Mikellcs said...

Today a student, tomorrow a teacher.


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