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This blog is the brainchild of two life-long friends. We asked some of our brilliant friends to help us share greatness with our fellow women and this blog is the result. Enjoy! 
Aly (Co-Founder)... Style enthusiast, Fitness fanatic, Triathlete, and Triathlon Race Director.  Product junkie, Writer, Human Development Degree Holder, Beach Bum, Personal Shopper, Former Volleyball Player, Make-up Artist, Model, and Coloring Contest Winner.  Mama to two-point-five adorable towheads and life-long BFF to co-founder, Corinne.

Corinne (Co-Founder)... PhD Clinical Psychologist, Counselor, Teacher, Voracious reader and Austen aficionado, Movie enjoyer, Awesome wife, Mother of two gorgeous children, Travel adorer, Spanish speaker, Good -times addict and wannabe extravagant party planner/thrower, Bleeding-heart animal lover, Vegetarian (almost all the time), and life-long BFF to co-founder, Aly.


Candace... Organizer, Deal Stalker, Amateur Photographer, Half-marathon Runner, Make-it-look-easy Professional Mother of three little ones. 

Carrie - Foodie and Cookbook collector, Flexitarian,  Avid (or is it rabid?) Reader,  Lover of all things Austen,   Married to Mr. Wonderful aka My Own Mr. Darcy (and he has the family history records to prove it!),  Mom to four great (and sometimes exasperating) kids, Down Syndrome Advocate, University student studying Speech Language Pathology, Choir director, singer and pianist, gratitude writer, searcher of miracles big and small.

Chantel...  Serious Jack-of-all-Trades!  Graphic Designer, Hairstylist, Artist, Writer, Art Journaler, Film Critic, Comedian, Japanese-speaker, Native Californian, Swimmer, Day Dreamer, Not-so-much a Housekeeper, Master Sandwich Maker, Project Runway Lover, Fondue Queen, Adoring Wife and Mom of Three. 

Courtnie... Part time dental-hygienist, full-time mom, interior designer wannabe, lover of fine dining, serenity seeking, outdoor loving, roller coaster hating, perfectionist.
Dawn... Pilates, Yoga, and Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer, Work Out Video Star, Diva of Deals, and Momma to three beautiful children. 

Erin B...  Part-time English Professor, Loyal Friend, Lover of Good Reads, Good Eats and Good People.  Mother of Four Little Monkeys! 

Erin S...  Graphic designer, TV aficionado, Movie lover, Avid reader, and our resident single lady. 

Janet... Long-time Educator, Two-Time Cancer Survivor, Hopeless Idealist, and Parent of Six (two with special needs).  Passionate about my family, learning, adoption and "starfish throwing," lover of friends, travel, good movies, being creative, sewing, knit night, and flowers. 

Jen:  Family Nurse Practitioner, mother to two beautiful girls, organizer extraordinaire, ER fanatic, tennis player, sun worshiper, scrapbooker, world traveler (wannabe more so), blog stalker, piano player, and avid Utah Football fan. 

Katie... Music addict, Olympic junkie, semi-pro Facebooker, happy as a clam career girl.   

Lora... (aka Blonde Runner)... runner, triathlete, USATF coach, health professional, entrepreneur, mother of four, Health Education Degree holder, writer, personal trainer, nutrition guru, health nut, positive thinker, do-it-yourselfer, race director, adult health teacher, master organizer, detail oriented, blogger, bargain hunter, artist, lover of sarcasm, fan of humor, gardener, life coach, country music fan, fishing queen, creative, “exercise is fun” believer, business owner Blonde Runner Health in Bountiful, Utah. 

Sam... Wife, daughter, sister, friend. Scrapbooking, sewing, beading, knitting, and many more hobbies consume a lot of her time. An East Coast girl who has found a home in the Midwest.  Married to her best friend.  Lover of traveling, reading, sunshine, photobooths, and cupcakes.
Somer... Creative Diva, Pattern Designer, Seamstress, Walking Idea Machine, Devoted Special-needs Mom, Artist Extraordinaire, and Mother to four amazing kids.

Tami... Award-Winning Chef, Former Stock Broker, Incredibly exhausted Momma of 3 Darlings (in 26 months, no twins!), Recipe creator, Seamstress, Interior Design loving, Architect, Photographer, Great Intentions Enthusiast, A Beautifier, Shopaholic,  Fix it Chick, Food lover,  Former Manager of World-Class Entertainer, Spanish Speaker, Gardener & Landscaper, Hostess with the Mostess, Discount Shopper, World Traveler, Creative Gift  Giver, Deal Seeker, and Homecoming Queen 2nd Runner-Up.

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