A Little Inspiration... Triathlete in Training

by Aly

Meet Leslie Howlett.

First of all, at this very moment I am sitting at my desk enjoying Dark Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Clusters, still in my gym clothes. I haven’t actually gone to the gym yet (2 PM) but I figure if I stay in these clothes, eventually I will make it there. Leslie, on the other hand doesn’t seem to have trouble finding the motivation or time to get to the gym, and beyond, actually. Leslie is the mother of three small children, adoring wife, and Ironman Triathlete in Training.

Leslie found triathlon about 10 years ago and fell in love (she must really like spandex). Stop. I know what you are thinking. Good for her (eye roll). What does this have to do with me? My answer: everything. Keep reading.

When I asked Leslie what she gets out of triathlon, she answered with one word: “Sanity.” You could use some, right? “Seriously, triathlon makes me happy. It keeps me strong and healthy, keeps that serotonin level up, and makes me a better wife and mother. I always say that training and races are my play time. I come back a happier person and feel like I’m teaching my kids important lessons about health, exercise, and nutrition,” She explains. Not to mention, she looks great in her jeans.

Leslie chose triathlon because of the variety. Triathletes swim, bike, and run. These sports alone could get tedious. But when combined, every day is fresh, interesting and exciting.

The other thing about triathlon… anyone, yes anyone, can do it. “You’ll see people of every shape, size, and age at triathlons. And that feeling you get when you do something you thought you couldn’t is such an empowering, self-esteem boosting high!” I dare you!

Leslie still competes in Sprint distance races. But this May she will be going big-time at the St.George Ironman where she will join with over 2000 other triathletes from all over the world. She, along with the rest of them, will compete in the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run (umm, yeah, it ends with a marathon). The race, for most, will last for over 12 hours. But Leslie knows it will all be worth it, “The air will be electric. 2000 plus people from around the world that have all put in an enormous amount of time and training, all working to achieve the same goal: to cross that finish line by midnight and hear those magical words “You are an Ironman!””

Inspired yet? Good. Follow Leslie’s advice and, “Sign up for a race, any race! Doesn’t have to be a triathlon, doesn’t have to be a marathon, just sign up for your local 5k, and then find a training plan online like the Couch-to-5k plans.”

If triathlon is what you desire, you are in luck! A Little Great will be hosting a giveaway from Utah’s premier race management company, US Trisports. They will be giving a race entry ($65 value) to one lucky, and motivated, gal. The winner will choose from the Spring Sprint, The Daybreak Triathlon, The Rock Cliff Triathlon, or the Stansbury Triathlon. They will also be provided with a training plan written by a Certified USAT Coach. Her progress and race experience will be chronicled, here, on A Little Great!

Who inspires you? email us at They may be featured here!

Follow Leslie on her blog: Triathlon Mom


blonderunner said...

Great article Aly! Leslie - I wish you a great race and have fun with training! I'm sticking to the sprint and Oly, but IM is in my future. Women - if you have never done a tri - they really are doable (more than you think). Go for it! I love triathlons!

Abby said...

I love your blog gals! The posts are entertaining and interesting.

I too love triathlons. It is so great to have a fitness goal to motivate you to work out. Good luck Leslie.

Megan said...

Leslie inspired me to get into triathlon. She's an amazing person and athlete (and she's going to ROCK Ironman St. George).

Nurse Heidi said...

Leslie has *almost* convinced me that swimming won't kill me. And she's been at my side on my longest training runs, keeping me from quitting. She's an amazing athlete, a great mom, and someone I'm pleased to call a friend.

Anonymous said...

Leslie is a great athlete. I have run several races with her, the most memorable was the Ogden Marathon 2009, one of the few races where we can actually run together, as opposed to me eating her dust. She has inspired me to work and train much harder this year and I am trying to put in two training sessions per day after seeing what she does to prepare for Ironman St George. She is talented, caring, and diligent among many other words that could and should be used to describe this wonderful girl. Best Wishes Jonathan C.


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