A Little Music... The Weepies

by Katie

In one of oldest photos in existence of me, I am about seven or eight months old, sitting on the floor looking up adoringly at my dad playing the electric guitar. I never had a shot at being anything but a complete and total slave to the sound of that thing. I know it's a terrible girl cliche love men who play the guitar but alas, you can't fight your genes can you?
Music was big in our house, my parents listened to everything from the Beatles and the Beach Boys to the soundtracks to Broadway plays I still know by heart. I feel like I got to know my parents as people and not parents through what they listened to. As an adult I still see music as a way to express myself. The right song can cheer me up, make me homesick, bring back a great memory, help induce a good cry when I need it. It's the very best kind of therapy.
So ladies, I'm here to help you go beyond just what you heard on the Twilight soundtrack or the Taylor Swift mania sweeping minivans everywhere. Mommies can lose a little bit of themselves in the chaos of taking care of everyone else and music is a relatively cheap way to get back in touch with YOU.
We'll start slow. This little duo is a husband and wife team that goes by the name The Weepies. The song is called The World Spins Madly On-a sentiment I think we can all understand right? Their music is breezy and pretty and their lyrics are thoughtful. This one is from the album Say I Am You and I have no problem recommending you buy the entire thing. Happy listening. And Happy New Year!
The World Spins Madly On-The Weepies.

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