A Little Organization... Your Child's Artwork

By Candace
If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get more organized, well, here's an idea.
If there is one thing I’m not it’s a pack rat. I see no point on holding onto everything and the few things I hold onto always have a place! That’s how I felt until my oldest started school. It started in preschool last year. Project after project would come home in his backpack. I couldn’t just turn around and toss it in the garbage. Believe me I tried once and it broke his little heart when he opened the door and saw his hard work sitting on top of the garbage can.

I hold onto all of his arts and crafts and handwriting practice sheets for ONE month. He has a file in the filing cabinet to keep papers and one cabinet (above his locker) to keep art projects. At then end of the month I lay it all out on the counter and let him pick his favorites or the ones he has done the best work on. Then….I TAKE A PICTURE! Pictures are so much easier to store than all that paper!

Here is one picture I took of his animals from preschool.
They did zoo phonics in so every week he came home with a new animal. Ally the Alligator, Bubba the bear, Catina the Cat (don’t know what happened to her!), Dee Dee the dear, Ellie the Elephant. Another other projects that I just can’t part with I put in a Sterilite storage bin in our storage room.


Michele said...

Great ideas! I take some of my son's art projects (paintings, etc) and turn them into backgrounds for my scrapbook pages.

Leslie said...

That's such a good idea, taking pics. My kids love to look at slideshows on the computer too.

Martababe said...

Funny that I read this because I just started doing the same thing. Great minds think alike.

corinne said...

I heard on an Oprah show with Peter Walsh, the organization expert, that you can use all the pictures (like Candace said to do) of your kids art projects and then make them into one of those photo books online... so their art turns into real art! You know, the books you make at snapfish, or shutterfly, or mac, or the like. very cool idea! then they can keep their kids art forever.


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