A Little Tip... Taking Great Photos

by Guest Contributor... Emilie (of Photo by Emilie)
{Emilie is an amazing lifestyle photographer based in SLC (also available in Southern Utah sometimes).  She is so generously giving away a free mini session!  She also teaches photography workshops.  Here is a little tip on lighting...}

One of my favorite topics during my workshop is lighting.  I teach you how I look at light, how I determine where I will place my subject according to my available light.  Then how I enhance my available light to get warm gorgeous soft light on my subject.

One trick to creating a great photo with warm light is knowing how to use Fill Light to eliminate shadow & illuminate eyes.  In this photo I used a reflector. I placed the reflector at his waist & pointed it up into his face, this eliminated the shadow cased by his cap illuminated his eyes.

One of my favorite photography tools is my reflector.  I use the 32" Soft Gold/White.

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Sonja said...

Sweet! Thanks for the tip.


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