A Little Cuisine... Cupcake Decorating Tips

by Guest Contributor Dusti (of Tres Sucres)
Here are a few tips to make very sweet Valentine cupcakes.
1. Don’t be afraid to bake from scratch* Our moms did it. And so did their moms. And I’m pretty sure we’re just as intelligent and capable as they ;) If you have a favorite cake recipe, use it. If not, whip out your Betty Crocker Cookbook, or hop on to You’ll be surprised at how fast homemade cupcakes come together. And at how much better they taste. Oh, and don't try and make your cupcakes healthy. Use butter. REAL BUTTER. You won't regret it.

*By the way, I don’t judge you for using a cake mix; I have been known to do that myself from time to time. (But shh. Don't tell)

2. To make your little cakes a little more special, add a filling. From a simple raspberry jam, to mint buttercream, to a decadent chocolate ganache, filling your cupcake will elevate it from delicious to divine. To fill your cupcakes, just take a pastry bag (if you don’t have one, use a Ziploc bag – here are some pointers on how to do that) and a large round tip and simply place the tip in the middle of the cupcake and squeeze until you begin to see the cake top rise. Really, it’s very very easy, and it makes you look really really good ;)

3. When it comes to frosting your cupcakes, be creative and express yourself! Don’t feel like you need to replicate some fancy cupcake you saw on TV. The person you are making them for will be happy when they see that you have put a little of yourself into it. Use your loved one’s favorite candy or cookie to top the cake. I make it a habit of picking up cute candies if I see them, because I know at some point I will want to put them on a cupcake! Or go with the classic sprinkles – roll them on the sides of the frosting, or roll the entire top in sprinkles or coconut, or chopped nuts, or whatever you think sounds good!

You can also use fun paper, ribbon, or felt toppers. The possibilities are endless. And the bottom line is, whatever kind of cupcakes you decide to make, they will surely make your day that much sweeter!
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