A Little Idea... Four Valentine Ideas We Love

by Tami
My Best Friend Courtney made these darling LOVE letters 
for me for heart day last year! I absolutely LOVE them!
Simply modge podge paper mache letters or any letters in patterned
scrapbook paper. You can do this for any occasion.
This is a fun way to display your sweet valentine treats! 
Arrange heart shaped cookie cutters on any dish and fill with various small valentine candies.
So fun!
I was inspired by Martha of course!

 This plate of goodness went to my little ones
preschool teacher as a Valentine gift. Make tiny cupcakes frost and decorate with 
cute sprinkles and fun candy put on a plate wrap with celo and 
tie a cute ribbon! After all it's all about the presentation!
Cupcakes Inspired by Tres Sucres.

Get an ordinary wreath, this one is not so ordinary, isn't it FABULOUS!
I found this beauty at Tai Pan.
Any wreath will do, get some ribbon, rick rack, trim of any kind and an
ornament of the season (heart) and make yourself a custom one of a kind wreath.
Change out your ribbon and ornament with each season. This was inspired by ME!

Remember If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with!
Happy Heart Day! xoxoxo


Mary DK said...

For some reason I can't see the pics :o(

ABrooks said...

Thanks for letting us know! Should be all fixed.

Mary DK said...

Thanks! I can see them now :o)


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