A Little Sorry... Written Apologies

by Chantel
To the Little Girl on the Playground ,

I'm sorry that I called you a liar when you told me that your grandpa was your biological father. And now that I am old enough to know what that means...I'm even more sorry that your mom is your sister and your brother is your uncle.

To the mean girl in P.E. ,

I'm sorry I let you shame me into never wearing my favorite shoes again. After I dug deep in the clearance bin to find them, my mom paid $3.99 for those bad boys. And I don't care what you say - electric blue, vinyl low tops are bitchin'.

To Michael C. ,

I'm sorry that I treated you like a scrawny weakling and rolled my eyes in disgust when you couldn't lift all 120 lbs of my dead weight in that dance sequence we did together and that the teacher had to move us to the back row. I am now willing to accept some personal responsibility for our failure...I guess I could have jumped a little.

To Rhonda D. ,

I'm sorry we would call you a "fashion leper" almost to your face. I can't say you deserved it...but I hope you have come to realize that a grape-purple, polk-a-dot, ruffled chiffon blouse with matching beret is a bit much.


Erin said...

Ah Chantel, you make me feel like I'm okay.

C. C. Fawson said...

I do what I can...

Dani said...

still snickering.


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