A Little Wish... For My Children

by Chantel

When Spring is here the dandelions will take my neighborhood by storm. Of course my children love to pick them and blow the fluffy seed tufts into the air. Inevitably, they will bring me one. 
"Make a wish Mommy!"

I take the stem and blow away the fluff.

"What did you wish for?"

"You know I always wish for the same thing..."

"What?" they ask me coyly. Pretending they don't know the answer.

"That all my kids' dreams will come true."

Satisfied that our ritual is still in place, they run away smiling.

My wish for my children is that they will have the confidence to pursue their passions. That in spite of the nay-sayers and the practical people they will still have the courage to say, "I want to be an artist/actress/author/photographer/filmmaker/musician when I grow up." That when faced with the high-school guidance counselors' doom and gloom statistics on anyone without an engineering or law degree my children will clearly see themselves as the exception.

I want them to dream big and boldly, without limitations or fear. I want them to know that the only thing capable of keeping them from achieving their dreams is their willingness to pursue them. I don't want them to be content relegating their talents to hobbies, or their passions to the weekend. I want their passions to be their life.

We are lucky to live in a community which seems to draw successful and creative people who have pursued their dreams. Authors and performers, professors and artists, who didn't see providing for a family and pursuing their talents as mutually exclusive. They followed the desires of their hearts.

In a world where success is gauged in terms of wages and investment portfolios, I wish for my children the clarity to define their success by more intangible means. I wish for them personal development, fulfilling relationships, spiritual strength, and realized potential. I wish for them to never have to look back and say, "if only I had tried..."


Anonymous said...

I too wish that all their dreams come true. Love, Grandma Joan

Eve said...

This is beautiful, Chantel.


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