A Little Decorating... Designing a Room you Love

Having trouble coming up with a design plan for a room in your house? Don’t feel alone. The majority of people struggle with this. Just deciding on colors and style, can be enough to make most people give up and concede to living a few more years with the hand-me-down couches from their in-laws and the sub-par artwork they bought at a garage sale last summer. Well…..don’t give up quite yet. I have a fail-proof trick that will get you off on a fresh start to designing a room you will love.
Photo: Pottery Barn
The secret is simple…go shopping. Find something for your house that you love. I mean really love. Not just something you think is cute. It needs to be something that you can’t stop thinking about because you LOVE it so much. Don’t buy something just because it matches what you already have. Buy something you are naturally drawn to. It can be anything: a rug, a painting, a vase, even a dishtowel would work.

Now use your new purchase as an inspiration for your room. Find all your other pieces and make sure they go well with your inspiration piece. Before you know it you will have a room catered to your tastes and individual style. And I promise….you will LOVE it too!

Here’s an example:
A couple years ago, I was watching HGTV and I saw a rug that I instantly fell in love with. I immediately went to their website and began scouring it for the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I could not find it and eventually gave up. Six months later, while walking through RC Willey, I saw it. The rug I had been dreaming about and, of course, I had to have it. I then used it as a jumping off point for my living room and came up with this.

A room that has harmony, consistency and most importantly a design that I LOVE!

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Karen said...

That's such a great idea -- starting a room from scratch is so daunting, but this would surely help the process!


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