A Little Parenting... Educational Toys for your Little Ones

I was recently looking into a new preschool for my son and the teacher was showing me some of the toys she lets the kids play with.  They are fun to play with and great learning tools too!  Learning Resource toys.  Check them out!

Here are a few I have on my list:
The cupcakes come apart and the cupcake have different shapes on the bottom of them.  You have to match the right icing to the cupcake and then the pan has the shapes as well so you have to put the cupcake in the right hole.
The cookie jar is fun too.  Each cookie has a number on the back side and then on the other side there are that many m&m treats on the cookie.
The ice cream is my favorite.  Each scoop of ice cream has the color printed on the inside of it.  You can count out the scoops of ice cream and make it as big as you want!

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