A Little Crafty... Lunchtime Love Notes

Who doesn't enjoy getting a love note? Whether in a back pack, briefcase, lunch bag, or coat pocket, a love note brightens your day.  When I was in school my mom would leave notes on my napkin or lunch bag, and while I might try to hide it, I still loved it.  In elementary school she would put a sticker on my sandwich bag with the premise that if I ate it first, I could wear the sticker.  
 photo:  marthastewart.com

Now, I know my kids skip to the chips or fruit snacks, but they are more likely to eat a sandwich with a sticker promise.  Maybe your little one likes jokes or trivia, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has kids jokes and trivia suitable for any age on its website. You could even save time in the morning frenzy by writing a few little messages on note cards ahead of time. I found bite size versions of  Lunchbox Love at Michael's and discovered their website, sayplease.com has versions for teens and adults.  

A friend of mine draws cartoon illustrations on his kids napkins, but imagine the surprise of drawing on the food itself. I love this idea  [http://seilifestyle.blogspot.com/2010/02/love-delivered-with-lunch.html] of writing on fruit that would be peeled.  My girls would get a kick out of that banana.  

 photo:  seilifestyle.blogspot.com

I found these crust cutters at a local grocery store and my kids love them, and I love that only the crust is removed.  http://www.evriholder.com/Crust-Cutter.asp

photo:  evriholder.com

I also found these cute little snack bag clips, a great way to put a little spring in lunch.  Martha has these fun labels to download for a lunchtime treat. But really, any way you say it, a little love note at lunch time is always a happy discovery. 


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