A Little Decorating... 5 Things to Buy at Ikea


Next to the day I met my husband and the day my daughter was born, IKEA coming to Utah just may have been one of the best days of my entire life.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I hear people say they have never been or they went once when it first opened. I know it is a huge store and it can be overwhelming, but there is definitely something there for everyone.  Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, IKEA has what you have been looking for (and for probably a lot less).  For those of you who don’t find the IKEA experience as calming as I do, I have compiled a short list of products that remind me why I love IKEA so much.  Hopefully, this list will give all of you a little direction the next time you take a little trip to the decorating haven most graciously bestowed upon us by our Swedish neighbors to the east.
1.       Picture Frames-With the exception of occasional odd sizing, IKEA is the very best place to find inexpensive picture frames.  They have all shapes, sizes and colors for a fraction of the price you pay at other stores.  When looking for a picture frame, I always check IKEA first because they always have what I need and it is dirt cheap.

2.       Kid Toys- I love to buy toys at IKEA.  They are well-priced, well-made and don’t require batteries (Yippee!).  Their toys are very similar to “Melissa & Doug” toys.  Same vintage feel, for the same price our parents paid in the 70’s.
 3.       Expedit Bookshelves- This line of bookshelves from IKEA comes in all shapes and sizes.  Pieces from this line can be used in offices, libraries, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways (see Aly’s post a little decorating…entryway storage).  Pretty much anywhere you can fit one is a good place.  I especially love these bookshelves in playrooms and children’s rooms because they are great for storage.  Just slide a few baskets in and hide all those unsightly toys.  
4.       The Mongstad Mirror-This is a random one, but I am absolutely in love with this mirror from IKEA.  It is sleek, stylish and only $99.  Yes, that is right. Only $99.  

5.       Hmmm….- I know I said 5 things, but I can’t narrow it down.  There are so many things I love.  Kitchen items, storage solutions, vases, candles, drapes, rugs…..there is just so much to love and so little space to put it in. 

editor's note:  I have owned the Ikea Mongstad Mirror now for 7 years - even toted it all the way here from Seattle, and I have never regretted that $99.  Good recommendations Courtnie!


ABrooks said...

I have that book shelf and it is the best ever! love love love it and love love love IKEA!

Somer said...

I have been wanting the Expedit Bookshelves for my girls' room for a couple of months. I love them.

ABrooks said...

I saw that they actually marked the prices down on the Expedit bookshelves this year by about $50... the big one is only something like $100. Where can I fit more of them?


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