A Little Good Deed... Strut Your Mutt (Utah Locals)

Every year No More Homeless Pets in Utah puts on a great feel good event... Strut your Mutt.  I know there are similar events in many other cities.  This year it is on May 22nd!

Here are 10 reasons why I love Strut Your Mutt.

1.  The money from my entrance fee goes to a good cause - helping to find homes for animals in need.
2.  It is like Christmas in May for kids - they get to see hundreds of doggies all at once!
3.  The events - dog diving, dogs doing obstacle courses, dogs chasing lures, competitions for coolest tricks, all quite entertaining!
4.  It is also a people-watching smorgasbord - people dress up with their dogs! 
5.  Some people actually look like their dogs - there is even a competition for this!  
6.  Groups coordinate "dog pack" costumes - one year my group all wore Hawaiian leis - dogs included!
7.  It is a great family outing complete with a 1.5 mile "strut" - a community event with exercise!
8.  You will never see this many doggie poop bags all in one place.
9.  You will never see so many happy panting tongues all in one place.
10.  Tons of free stuff!  (Mostly for your dog).
 one more
11.  You get to show off your cute dog to other dog lovers!

Check it out.  It is a do good, feel good, win win charity event.  I love strut your mutt!  Come see me and my cutie patootie doggy, Annabelle.  May 22nd.
Any similar events going on in other cities?  Fill us in with a comment!

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Amber said...

What a cool event, I just missed our local one. I didn't even know it was happening until I drove by it :( Oh well there is always next year.


PS your pup is adorable!


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