A Little Beauty... Five Movie Set Make-Up Artist Tips

Someone has said, “Women have two weapons - cosmetics and tears.” Make-up artists who specialize in print photo shoots and movie sets use some weapons and techniques that are surprisingly simple and have killer effects. (Check out the cover of Wedding Body Pilates DVD to see the results- I was shocked!)

1. Eye shadow as eyeliner. Using a flat angled and dramp brush, load the brush with shadow and drag across top of lid line. Choose a defined or smudged look.

2. Eye shadow as brow powder. Sexy eyebrows are in, and eye shadow is the key. Choose a color that is very close to your current hair color. I was shocked how how my Burt and Ernie eye brows became shaped and beautiful with lighter eye shadow to match my blonde hair. Eye shadow also naturally fills in gaps in the brow hairs- no more of the dry crayon scrawl across a brow line that come with pencil liners.

3. Foundation as lip gloss. Add foundation to your lips to create a creamy look with your lip gloss or lip stick.

4. Lip Liner tips. To create fuller and natural-looking lips, fill your outer lip lines, top and bottom, towards the mouth. Shimmery or lighter shades in the center of the bottom lip will also create fullness. Liner with gloss is often beautiful custom lipstick.

5. Skin shadowing. When applying bronzer or powder, add subtle contouring to the following angles of the face: along the sides of the head near the hair line, along the bottom jaw, along the sides of the nose (unless your nose is narrow) and then from the apple of your checks out.

Also, if you love make up or hate your current make up, Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin is a gold mine of techniques. 

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