A Little Cleaning…Starfiber Mops

If bestest was a word…it is the word I would use to describe this fabulous mop.  Because I have bought/borrowed/thrown away the restest and still, this one is the bestest. 

When we remodeled our house there was one thing I was absolutely sure of.  I had to have dark brown chocolate colored wood flooring throughout my entire main floor.  I vaguely remember my mom trying to talk me out of it. She said that it would be impossible to keep clean, but I convinced myself that no amount of scrubbing would cancel out the joy this flooring would bring me.  Boy, was I wrong.  

Enter the two year mop search.  Let’s see… I tried all the Swiffer mops, they left streaks.  I tried doing it by hand on my knees, that left bruises.  I bought some fancy vacuum/mop, it left too much water behind.  I finally settled on a traditional microfiber hardwood floor mop that looked something like this…
I used it in conjunction with a spray bottle of water and it got my floors looking nice, but it was difficult to maneuver and it made my arms sore because the large head created so much friction of the floor.
Then one happy day while enjoying the St. George home show, I met a vendor selling the starfiber mop.  Her demonstrations were impressive, but what really sold me was the fact that two separate passersby stopped and told me that it was the best mop they had ever owned.  So for under $40 I became an owner of the bestest mop ever made.
Here are a few things I like about this mop:
1.       The microfiber picks up the dirt instead of just pushing it around.
2.       You can wash it in your clothes washer, but AVOID fabric softener and dryer sheets (they ruin the microfiber)
3.       The smaller head makes it easy to push and the angled corners fit into every space.
4.       No harsh chemicals are needed, plain water is enough.
5.       It is light and the handle extends for other cleaning purposes (I used it the other day to clean the outside of my windows)
You can buy different types of mop heads to go with your Starfiber mop.  My favorites are…
The regular mop pad.  It is great for mopping hardwood and it can be used wet or dry.
The dust pad.  This is a must have for dark flooring.  I use it almost every day to pick up any dust that accumulates throughout the day.  It takes about 3 minutes to run it over the entire floor and leaves it looking like it was just mopped.  

The chenille pad.  I use this one for mopping tile.  The little “fingers” reach down into the grout space and clean better than a traditional mop.
Links below if you want to check them out.
Happy Mopping!

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Shyloh Starfiber Mop said...

Thank you for sharing this information! I have been wondering what makes a starfiber mop so special! I feel that this answered all of my questions so, thank you again!


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