A Little Music... The National

Last Memorial Day my friend Traci came from New York to visit me in Boston. A band we both really love happened to be in town that weekend but it was totally sold out. We combed Craigslist for tickets to no avail and as it got later on Saturday night, we decided to rent a movie and make BLT's instead. Traci want to go change into her stretchy pants so we could eat our faces off but when she came out of my room ten minutes later, she was dressed to the nines and in full makeup. "We are young, and we are hot, and we are NOT going to watch a movie on a Saturday night in Boston-let's go get into that show!". So we drove to the House of Blues and in the time it took me to park the car, Traci scored us two tickets and we enjoyed one of the best live shows I had seen in a long time. We flirted with cute boys and got to hear one of my favorite songs of all time live and in person. The lyrics are just lovely and there is a fanfare in the last few minutes of the track that nearly makes my heart explode everytime I hear it.
Here it is live on David Letterman, the whole album is worth a listen.

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Jamie said...

A band I need to check out - thanks for the recommendation.


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