A Little New Baby... Must Haves

Are you (or is someone you love) expecting a baby anytime soon?
Here are a few of my favorite "must haves" when bringing home your new bundle of joy. 

I remember trying to figure out nursing a baby with other people around.  It was so difficult to arrange everything while trying to hold blanket over my shoulder.  These covers add a bit of style to nursing and a lot of privacy!  Plus you can see your beautiful baby while he/she nurses.

I wish I would have found these blankets sooner.  Although I haven't ever used them with my babies several of my friends love them!  They are thin so you can swaddle your baby and not have them get lost in a big, puffy blanket.

I think these are the only outfits my babies used for the first few months.  I had winter babies so we didn't leave the house much.  No snaps not a lot of hassle.  Simply open the bottom and change their little bottoms.  

I had a very bad first time experience nursing.  It hurt and hurt and hurt some more.  I don't think anything helped.  Then once my baby was 6 weeks old it simply went away.  However, the second time around I grew to love Lansinoh.  I put a little dab on after each feeding and I found out nursing wasn't so bad after all!

I love my Medela breastpump.  I used it quite a bit with my first baby because I went back to work.  However, it still came in handy with my other kids.  I was able to pump (quickly) and leave a bottle or pump to relieve my engorged breasts.  It's an investment.  A little spendy but if you are going to use it for more than one child it's well worth the money.

I know some of you are asking yourself, "cornstarch...why do you love cornstarch"?  Well my husband's grandma introduced me to the great healing power of cornstarch.  My oldest has very sensitive skin and his diaper rash was like none I have ever seen before.  My doctor told me to wash the wipes I used with water we tried that, didn't work.  We tried desitin, baby powder, anti-fungal cream, butt paste.  We were even give a prescription cream.  Nothing worked.  That's when GG (grandma great to my kids) told me to sprinkle on a little cornstarch.  It was like a miracle worker.  The next morning the rash was almost gone.  I dumped out all of my baby powder containers and filled them with cornstarch.  It's wonderful!

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