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Grocery List 
photo:  oswaldadventures

One of my least favorite things to do as a housewife is the grocery shopping!  I like to make my trips to the grocery store as few as possible in a months period and when I do go I like to be in and out as fast as possible (remember I have 3 kids and I almost always have at least 2 of them with me while grocery shopping).  I was talking to my friend the other day telling her how sometimes I see people looking at my computer typed grocery list and they giggle out loud.  She asked why I type up my list and I told her it was because I like to keep my list in groups: ie. all the fruits together, diary, frozen foods etc.  That way I can go up and down each aisle and not have to make a second trip down an aisle as I get further down my list.  That's when she pulled this out of her purse (she was headed to the store right after we were together).  
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Isn't this a great idea?!  Everything is done by categories.  This list consists of things she most often shops for.  You can change it to suit your grocery needs, print off and off you go to the store. 

Click here to download an excel file of the above grocery list.  Enjoy!


Mary DK said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing :o)

Oliver Alcarez said...

Great! Good Job! I love it.

stampedconcrete said...

great shopping list .. thanks for sharing ..


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