A Little Crafty... Pom Pom Hair Bands

There were quite a few pom poms left over from our necklaces, so I made pom pom hair bands. To make them you need: Pom poms, scissors, a needle, hair elastics, and stretchy cord. (You could use fishing line, but I think its difficult to tie and the stretchy cord has give, so, it doesn't seem to break.)

Thread a length of cord onto the needle and slide almost through the middle of one pom pom.
 Slide the elastic band onto the cord, then another pom pom.
 Pull just tight enough to sandwich the elastic cord between the pom poms and tie the ends in multiple overhand or square knots, maybe three or four.

Cut the ends of the cord so that they disappear into the pom poms, but long enough that they won't come undone.
 Then use as you would any hair band. 
Just make sure that you make enough to avoid early morning arguing.


ABrooks said...

Somer! You are my hero. These remind me of those little bobble hair elastics we used to wear as kids... but way more cuter!!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

So very sweet!


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