A Little Crafty... Pom Pom Necklaces

Looking for something to do with kids? Try pom pom necklaces. You need pom poms (I found these oversize ones at Hobby Lobby), a needle, and stretch cord.
I just put all of the pom poms in a bowl and let them choose.
Thread about 30-40" of cord on the needle, the stretch magic kind of sticks in the needle, so there shouldn't be much coming unthreaded. Then let the kids either pick out their pom poms and give them to you, or thread them on themselves. I trust my kids with a needle, but some kids aren't comfortable with that.
Once all the pom poms are threaded on, tie multiple overhand knots in the ends and thats it.
It is a good way to practice ABA and ABC patterns, or just go for random.

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Lisita said...

Love this idea!


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