A Little Cleaning... Vodka

No, I don't mean you need to drink Vodka in order to tolerate cleaning...
I saw Kirstie Alley on Oprah talking about her first job of housekeeper.
A quote from the show:

"To this day, Kirstie says she can still make a sink sparkle. In the bathroom, her favorite room to clean, Kirstie uses a special cleaning solution: vodka.

'You buy the cheapest vodka in the universe in big gallons, but it doesn't work if you have a housekeeper who's an alcoholic," she jokes. "Vodka is antibacterial, and it's not toxic and it doesn't have any scent. ... It actually makes things really shiny and really clean, and it's actually cheaper than cleaning products. I've used it for 20 years.' "

On the show, Kirstie said she will even buy a small bottle of vodka on an airplane flight to clean up the bathroom before using it in the air.  Genius!  I am pretty meticulous about how I clean my bathroom, and I love non-toxic products that work well (and are inexpensive to boot), so  I was intrigued... and I did a little research.  (Okay fine, I just googled and found a few articles really easily).  Here is a link to one great write up about vodka's superior cleaning uses... including how to use vodka for (but not limited to)
-laundry (removes stains and odors! amazing!)
-bathroom (we already mentioned this - but it also removes hairspray residue, soap scum, and then some!)
-small, delicate items (jewelry, eyeglasses, chandeliers)
-removes residues of all kinds!
-it can even kill weeds and even be used as non-toxic pest control!  this is amazing! it sounds like a magical solution, does it not?

Well I think this idea is a little great, to be sure.  Who wants to come shopping with me for a ginormous cheap bottle of vodka?  :D

Let me know if you try this, or if you use this yourself, and if you like it!


Lorie said...

That is really clever! I might have to pick up some cheap vodka!

Anonymous said...

HA! Just don't let your neighbors see you buying 20 gallons of vodka!


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