A Little Food... The Minnesota State Fair

It's that time of year everyone! 12 days before Labor Day is the first day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair. Held in St. Paul, Minnesota at the 320 acre state fairgrounds; if you haven't ever been to the fair, you can imagine just how big that really is. (Also imagine that the Dairy Association serves 20,000 gallons of free milk over those 12 days. That's a lot of milk!)

I first moved to Minnesota in October, just about a month shy of the State Fair. So, this summer when I told people I had never been, I typically got a dropped jaw and a "what? really?!?!" To live in the Twin Cities and never have experienced the fair is apparently unacceptable. :-)

What you hear most about the Minnesota State Fair is the food. It's 'fair food' at it's finest. The choices are unlimited (as are the calories!) but that is, after all, part of the reason it only comes along once a year. Below are my top three favorite fair foods that I tried this weekend:

Fried Cheese Curds: An essential part of the fair experience. These are fried to the most perfect golden brown with gooey insides. They are served HOT and it's very hard to wait until they cool down to eat them.

Mini Donuts: Delicious! Warm and sugary, a good way to get your 'sweets' fix after eating lots of salty food. These guys are perfect for sharing, or devouring yourself. Your call.

Fried Pickles: My absolute favorite fair food! If you don't like pickles, maybe this isn't for you, but if you do, believe me when I say that these are beyond delicious! You can get the original, spicy, or cream cheese filled. Yum!

Honorable mentions:
Pronto Pups - Similar to a corn dog but with a flour-based batter instead of cornmeal.
French Fries - Just classic and delicious.And of course, beer - Summit Brewery is in St. Paul and there is no shortage of cold beer at the grounds.

What are your favorite fair foods?

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