A Little Music-A little late

My sister makes a fall mix every year. She does such an amazing job of picking songs that feel like fall that if I hear those songs any other time of year I just want to put on a sweater.

The 2010 version appeared in my mailbox Friday and I tore into it like a kid on Christmas. She has definitely done it again and there was only one song I already knew-the best kind of mix in my opinion.

I am loving it all but one song has knocked me right between the eyes and that I've been singing at the top of my lungs all weekend. It sounded a little bit 60's to me but I was straight up embarrassed when I looked her up and read that she wrote this song after she performed at Woodstock. Somehow I had entirely missed Melanie Safka, a hole in my musical education I am trying to plug. And a hole I'm saving you from. This song is just terrific and if you have a good sound system in your car-turn it up girl. And sing it.

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