A Little Christmas... An Elf on the Shelf

We have a new Christmas tradition around this house... From a little book called "An Elf on the Shelf."
This darling book comes with our very own elf, which we named Fisbee.  Fisbee came to us from the North Pole just before December 1st and he began to watch our children, to help Santa keep his "Naughty/Nice" list as accurate as possible.  Every night while my kids are sleeping, he uses his elf magic to fly to the North Pole and report to Santa.  When my children wake up, they have to find the new place in the house that Fisbee has parked for the day to watch them.  It is great fun!  With a 2 and 3 year old in my house, Fisbee is a very helpful assistant in reminding them to try to be as nice as possible!
Merry Christmas!

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