A Little Crafty... Silver Antiqued Ornaments

Years ago I saw directions for silvering glass ornaments in Martha Stewart Living and since I love mercury glass our tree has since been decorated with silvered ornaments. Three moves, four kids later we need more ornament (they reflect the light beautifully.) I went to the Martha Stewart website and could not find the directions anywhere; luckily I remember how I did it last time (I think.)
You need a box of glass, not shatterproof, ornaments, ammonia, water, a glass measuring cup, and a small funnel (if you have it.) Carefully remove the ornaments from the divider and take out the clip in the top. Place the ornaments back in the divider facing top up. (Ammonia is a chemical and the instructions on the back should be read and followed.)
Fill half of your glass measuring cup with ammonia and half with water, you need a 50/50 mixture.
Fill the ornaments with the ammonia/water mix and leave overnight.
The next day pour out the chemical and rinse carefully under cool water. you may want to place a paper towel in the sink to catch any paint that comes off the outside of the ornament. You should have a nice cloudy effect that resembles an antique ornament. Not all ornaments work and each ornament has a different effect.
This year I used Walmart brand silver ornaments, I realized they are already silver, but I wanted antiqued. I used the silver ornaments because the clip was silver and not gold. Thrift store ornaments work great because it doesn't matter if they are scratched. See the cloudy, not overly shiny, uneven silver color? That is what I love.
Every ornament reacts differently, this is a try at your own risk project, but for around $2 a dozen I'm okay with that. And sometimes the ones that don't work out have a nice effect.


ABrooks said...

genius! I want to try this!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [15 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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