A Little Fitness... Zumba

In college I loved to dance. Not professional ballet, not on a team, but old-fashioned get out on the dance floor, shake-it-with-your-girlfriends dancing.

And now I'm 35. I'm married. I do laundry on Saturday nights. And I still shake it with my friends. And I burn nearly 600 calories in the process. And it's so fun, that they call it "exercise in disguise."

It's ZUMBA! Ditch the workout and join the party!

Created by Beto Perez, Zumba is a cardio dance class that uses Latin dance rhythms and music to create a party-like atmosphere. The music is hot and typically clean. The moves are not complicated- all you need are your legs, a smile and maybe a little hip action. YOU DON'T NEED COORDINATION.

Zumba kept the weight off of me during my last pregnancy and is taking it off now. It alleviated my back problems. It burns mega calories. I have seen women loose 30 and more pounds just by "letting go" and dancing it off. Check out all of your local gyms, dance and rec centers. Shop teachers a bit and find a class that speaks to you. You will do what you love and you'll do it hard- this means you'll lose weight.

I cried the first time I ever did a yoga class; it connected deep inside of me and I knew I was never turning back. Nerd that I am, twice Zumba has done the same. I feel like I found a way to be righteously sexy, dance safely as a married woman and listen to great music again.

And I'm getting into great shape at the same time.


Just Us said...

I love that you cried. I too cried the first time I did Zumba, the first time I did Turbo Jam and the first time I did Nia.

JMay said...

I've always wanted to try this, you are inspiring me to :-)


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