A Little Idea... Stylish Use for a Fine Toothed Comb

Sweater season is upon us. With below freezing temperatures almost every day there is nothing I love more than throwing on a comfy sweater to lounge around in. However, on the flip side, there is nothing I hate more than buying a sweater and after wearing it a couple times it is covered in little fuzz balls. Do you know what I am talking about? At first I thought it was because I was buying a low quality sweater, so I splurged on a couple nicer ones only to have the same problem once again. And then I discovered this amazing little trick to remove the fuzz balls and keep your sweaters looking neat and new.
Take a fine tooth comb and quickly brush it over the fuzzy areas about 10 times. It will remove the fuzz balls and smooth the fabric. Rocket science, right? Try it, love it and thank me later!

1 comment:

Lisita said...

This tip is a life saver thanks for sharing!!


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