A Little Health...Five Exercises for Mom Butt

A friend of mine recently posted "I will never have a mom butt!" as she headed off to work out.

I second that motion, and as a trainer, here are five of the best exercises to keep your hiney high.

1. Lunges: Do three sets of twelve reps on each side. Ideal form: knee over ankle in front, taking a large step with the back leg, at a 90 degree angle. Both your back hip and front hamstring should burn. Lunge on your stairs, off a stair or up and down hallways.

2. Squats. Do two minutes of slow single reps. Ideal form: feet hip width apart, knees over ankle. Sit your cute fanny way back; press back up through your hamstrings. Watch that the knees don't come forward.

3. Squat jumps: do the above, jumping up as if you were doing a lay up. Safely land on the balls of the feet and onto the heels. Three sets of ten, mom!

4. Hip raises: Three sets of ten *oh so great* reps. Feet hip width apart, lift your hips up to knee height, squeezing your butt. The reps slow and enjoy the burn.

5. Walk hills on the treadmill, in your neighborhood or hike it. Use full-footed steps, and rely on the backs of your legs (hammies) just as much as you do your quads.

Do these exercises work? You bet they do, ladies!

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Bliss Portraits said...

Great tip for a "little" butt! Hee hee!!!!


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