A Little Parenting...Great Books and a Swear Word

Below follows the parenting Principle of the Swear Word and my five favorite parenting books.

When I was five I lived with my dear Grandma. Her name is Virble; she is tiny a brunette with a dash of shyness and a wry sense of humor. That year of my life taught me about stealing (I wrongfully accused someone of taking my Pigs in Space Lunchbox), rock and roll (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are more fun than the Wheels on the Bus) and how to be a loving parent.

Enter my first swear word. It was the big one. The one that gets you an R rating at any age, let alone at five. It was breakfast time; sitting on the heat register, letting my nightgown billow out, I said what came to my mind. The word I heard a friend's brother say. The bomb flew from my mouth.

And my little grandma did not let it explode. She just looked up from her breakfast and said "Dawn, we musn't say that word." I just nodded, believed her, and went on living life.

In that small exchange is the basis of my parenting philosophy; overreacting separates me from my kiddos, and when they do naughty things it's not malicious. If my children trust me, they will be more inclined to follow me. Respond with love, simplicity and peace.

Here are the books that have given me the tools to respond like Grandma:

Positive Parenting by Latham (A powerful manual- truly skill based)
Parenting with Love and Logic
Christ-like Parenting by Latham
Wild Things: The Art of Nuturing Boys
Scream-Free Parenting

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