I love words. Words have gotten me through so much. I was in and out of the hospital as a child with kidney problems and writing in my journal was therapy. I look back at that little journal and it is difficult to believe it can be called writing (it was while I was ages 4-8) but even still I remember writing in my journal. I won second place in a writing contest when I was in second grade, the winner was a Junior. I was very excited.

The other night I heard my kids on the computer, I got up to go check on what they were veiwing when I heard them reading old excerpts from our family blog. They were laughing at how cute they once were and smiling at the musings of the last three or four years. It made me smile. I can say things to them or about them there that they don't always hear, even if I say it directly to them. It must be the knowledge, "Mom says I'm wonderful not just to me, she is also telling other people how and why I am wonderful" and that sinks in. And they are, wonderful.

But there are other things and people that are wonderful too. Sometimes I want to shout it to the world, THAT'S WONDERFUL! Lately I can barely whisper. I don't know why, it is probably a lot of things. So here it is, my little whisper. Writing is wonderful. Writing is therapy. Write it down. Write to someone. Think it's great, tell someone. Think they're great, tell them. But put it in writing.

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