A Little Beauty...How to Do Your Eyebrows

When I turned twelve my mother handed me a pair of tweezers and said "Girl, do something about those brows." I have a strong brow line, I admit it.  (Maybe something closer to Burt and Ernie describes best what is above my eyes.)  And as such, I have sought the counsel of several great brow stylists.

Here are some tips from Master Esthetician Alisha Racker on getting them just right.

1.  It is always best to go with your natural shape when it comes to eyebrows. You can't look at a picture of a Victoria's Secret model and say, " I want THAT shape". You gotta work with what you have naturally and clean up the shape.

2. If you have never tweezed your brows or have messed them up at home, I would suggest growing them out, and going to a professional. You may want to see a Master Esthetician to shape initially, and then maintain by tweezing the re-growth at home.

3. It is best to tweeze in natural light( I always have a pair of tweezers in my car so I can tweeze using the rear view mirror).

4. Another rule of thumb is to start the shape of the inside of the brows where your nostrils end( you can hold a pencil from the end/side of your nostril up to get a clearer idea). The arch of your eyebrow should be where the outside of your pupil lies.

5. To trim, take a clean mascara wand and brush eyebrows up. Carefully trim long hairs with small scissors.

6. The most common mistake I see is over-plucked eyebrows. Less is not more when it comes to brows. Estheticians like having something to work with. Many people also forget that triming makes a HUGE difference to the overall look.

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