A Little Great Outdoors: Water Works

by K Wrede

A few nights ago, I was suddenly awakened by raindrops pelting against my window screen. After jumping up to close the window, I returned to bed and enjoyed the sounds of a spring thunderstorm. As I did so, I began to contemplate how comforting the sound of water can be.

In addition to the lull of raindrops hitting a window, there is great solace to be found in the sound of waves crashing against a rocky seaside, or gently caressing a sandy shore. Water, something so ordinary and ubiquitous, can be as powerful as a tsunami or as gentle as a raindrop. I love that. I love that something so seemingly simple can be so versatile in its uses and comforts.

I can't help but also add (as one of my friends is having a baby today) that we all started life in water.

So, three cheers for water! And three cheers for finding beauty in simple things.

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