A Little Review...Photo by Emilie You and Me Workshop

I was a "point and hope" photographer. I would see photos like the one above and wonder "Okay, I have a plate, a wall, and a baby. Why don't my pictures turn out like this?!" Well I got my questions answered at the "You and Me Photography Workshop" with Emilie Decker Ralph. Emilie is not only an accomplished professional photographer, but she is a gifted instructor. In four hours I learned:

-the manual settings on my camera (she demystified the DSLR!)
-lighting techniques
-capturing motion, stop motion, and depth of field
-keys to photographing children, adults, groups
-basic Photoshop strategies

Emilie's teaching style is extremely effective. After a straightforward tutorial, she brought in models that we photographed in multiple situations (lighting, movement, poses). She answered all of our individual camera questions. Perhaps the most helpful aspect was the safe environment Emilie created; we could reveal our camera ignorance, finding out the specifics of how to create the photo we were seeking. (The initial feeling of "why do my photos not turn out?" turned to "I know how to take great photographs now, not just get a good one on accident!")

Emily is offering a discount to all Little Great readers for her April 30th workshop in Salt Lake City; register here using the coupon code "alittlegreat." If you don't live in the Salt Lake area & still want to learn from Emilie you are in luck. She offers a terrific 1-on-1 online workshop.

My own photos went from this: this by using the techniques she taught at the workshop.

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Shauna said...

Hey, thats me and my sweet little Davie!! I agree, Emilie is awesome. I also took her workshop and LOVED it!!!


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