A Little Instant Flavor... Squeezable Herbs.

by Mara

My cooking has been transformed lately by a line of products called Gourmet Garden.  Basically the concept is they take all your favorite fresh herbs, mince them, and put them into convenient squeezable tubes.  Any time you want fresh flavor in your cooking it is only a squeeze away!  It is now incredibly easy to whip up fresh tasting dishes with no problems.  For example, I made grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches and spread "pesto" on the bread.  The "pesto" was simply 2 squeezes of basil, one squeeze of garlic, and a little olive oil.  Mix and spread.  You can do the same thing with pasta.  I love the taste of fresh basil and these organic products have made it so easy.  You can find them in grocery stores in the produce section and here is their website.

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