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I used to feel like I had stumbled into mommyhood by accident- I got married and *poof* -four children appeared! There are amazing days of love and fun...and many challenging days in between. What do you do if being a patient,loving, creative, disciplined, organized, sensitive, knowledgeable mother doesn't come naturally? Because it didn't for me.

Enter: The Power of

Within two weeks of searching the thoughtful, realistic and optimistic articles site provides, I gained direction concerning some of the main struggles I am facing as a mother. (The site is free, by the way!) Their learning circles, retreats, and newsletters offer support, training and insight that will lift any exhausted mother soul.

The title of the organization "The Power of Moms, A Gathering Place for Deliberate Mothers" taught me that I hadn't really made the hard and fast decision to mother. I had just kind of fallen into it. Mothering for me now is a conscious choice, and I feel much more full of purpose. Mothering isn't about diapers or errands anymore- it's about relationships and love. I am much happier now with that focus.

"It's going to be hard and that's ok!" is an article that calmed my stressed out heart. "Every stage of motherhood has its ups and downs. Every week and every day has its ups and downs. We might as well accept it and prepare for it where possible. And once we’ve got that acceptance and preparation in place, it’s a lot easier to enjoy our lives."

Do you resent housework like I do? Does that resentment flow towards the family? I had some serious negativity from the laundry, dishes and messes that four small children and a couple of busy adults create. Then this week I read one of the posts- "What's the point of housework?" Wow- what wisdom I gained when the founder of the site, California resident April Perry said! "If it’s just about “the house,” then I really don’t like my job. But if it’s about the RELATIONSHIP, I feel like the most important lady in the world. Funny how one little idea can make such a difference, but it absolutely does." This week my approach to the house has completely changed and my children are much happier. My children actually want to be with me.

Workshops and Retreats

The Power of Moms hosts conferences all over the United States. Themes include:

Taking Care of the Person Inside the Mom (creating margins and balance in your life, finding time to pursue your talents and interests, having more fun, using positive thoughts and realistic expectations to deal with the hard stuff, understanding more about how motherhood can help you become the person you really want to be)

Family Systems (assessing your needs and desires for your children and family so you can create systems that will take your family where you want to go, concrete steps for establishing a family economy, family discipline system and family identity)

Making Great Ideas into Reality (strategies for incorporating what you’ve learned in this conference into your real life, simple ways to organize your time, tasks and space so you can enjoy more progress and less stress in your life).

What are Learning Circles?

part girls’ night out (with a meaningful purpose – in addition to having a great time)

part book group (with a lot less pages to read…yep, you can complete the reading for each month in about 30 minutes)

part support group (we all need more opportunities to learn from, encourage, and even sometimes commiserate with other moms)

part motherhood course (because you deserve a monthly class to help you grow yourself, build your fellow mothers, and shape the future that starts right in your own home)

One of the best aspects of The Power of Moms is that the site invites all women to contribute. They invite everyone to submit articles, become trainers and share wisdom. It is a power and refreshing experience to be surrounded by welcoming rather than competitive mothers!

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Hilary said...

Saren is a good friend. She lived here with us when we first moved here. She is full of optimism and ideas, I like her a lot!


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