A Little...SUMMER FUN!

I am going crazy waiting for some warm temps.  We are all having major smell of sunscreen withdrawals around my house!  To make sure we make the most of our summer I always make a Summer To-Do List for our family. 

I like to organize mine by month and include fun local activities at the library, community center, church, movie theatres, etc.  I also included family specific activities like sports, weddings, reunions and visitors.
Ladybug Release Party at our community garden last summer

I make a final category of random things like go camping, look at the stars, go to the lake, or have a lemonade stand, you know, the things that really make summer THE BEST.

Swimming and Popsicles

I hang the list up in our kitchen, next to our calendar so I can easily keep track of what’s going on and so we don’t miss out on cool things to do!

Here are some examples from other moms:



Family Matters

What are your plans for summer?  And traditions you or your kids look forward to?

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Jen@eighteen25 said...

i can't wait to get our summer to do list going!!!
jen :)


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