A Little Apology...Saying I'm Sorry

by K Wrede

Those of us who are married, well, wait a minute, those of us who are in a relationship of any kind understand how effective a sincere apology can be. And, if you're like me, you think it is usually the other party who needs to be apologizing!

My family moved many times when I was a child and, as a result, I didn't really get to practice maintaining close relationships until I was in my 20's. One of the things I have learned about relationships is that it is very easy to allow pride to keep one from admitting fault and apologizing. It takes much more effort and (dare I say) character to approach the other party in a spirit of compromise and humility. I admit, many times I lack the wherewithal to be the first to apologize or try to make amends, but can share that when I am that person, I feel so much lighter and free inside--good karma abounds. :)

For those of you who may identify with me and find it hard to be the first one to try and get past negative feelings and move on, I will say that when I reach out the the Universe for help, I always get it, and the negative energy I am harboring is somehow erased.

The words, "I'm sorry", can be a healing balm to achy feelings between loved ones and I hope to get more practice at saying them.

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