A Little Clothing...Choosing Clothes for Family Photos

As you begin planning your families
consider these 3

1.  Do you feel strongly about matching
your home decor?   2.  Is there colors that look best on you
and your family?  3.  What is the personality of your family
(sporty, trendy, dressy, casual)?

Here are 3 easy methods to plan
for your family portrait.  

Find one piece of clothing that includes the
colors you would like to use.   Plan the rest of the outfits
around that piece.  Here are some examples...

Here I chose this darling red, pink and
green girly dress and planning the other outfits around the color

 Here they coordinated their colors
around that adorable skirt. 

 Here they coordinated their colors
around that adorable skirt. 

 Here they coordinated their colors
around the little guys red, blue and gray shirt. 

 Here they coordinated their colors
around the littlest sweeties top.  It had purple, orange and a touch of
lime green.  

Choose a color season of colors or a theme
of colors.  For example fall colors, bright colors or spring

Here I chose fall colors

Here they chose spring pastel

Here they chose fall colors

Here they chose fall colors

 Here they chose summer

Choose 2 or 3 colors to use in every
outfit.  It's a little easier if you choose a basic color like tan,
denim or black and then add your colors.

Here I chose denim, teal and blue.

Here is an example of the real thing. 
Notice they purchased the same teal polo for the majority of the little
boys.  This really helped pull the look together with this big

Here is another example of denim, teal and
and blue.  Notice that the oldest and youngest boy are wearing the same
polo, however, the youngest is wearing a blazer.  A clever way of
matching but mixing it up at the same time.

Here they chose denim and white.  They also added yellow flowers. 
What a fun way to add interest and pull the image together.

 Here they chose denim, red and navy.

Here they chose denim, aqua and

Here they chose tan, yellow and

Enjoy the hunt for the perfect


Crafty Texan said...

Thank you so much for this post! Found you through google and it is by far the best post concerning easy ways to pick outfits for a photo session i've found.

Hiru Mangun Indra Jaya said...

thanks very much,it helps me very much Baju Couple


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