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Sugar Shock: The Scary Truth About Mindless Eating
Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, and with this enters the scary truth about mindless eating. With more than 65% of American adults being overweight and obese, it's important to do what you can to awaken and understand what can be done during the holiday season to avoid weight gain and excess consumption of sugar. The most effective way: self-love and self-care—when we shift our intentions behind our thinking, we shift our results.

Mindfulness is the practice that brings the mind and body back to now, peacefully, to the present moment. Every time we practice mindfulness, we bring energy and life force; we come to life again and without it, we live like we're asleep, unaware and unconscious of what is occurring in and around us.

Remember: Mindlessness is the opposite of mindfulness.

Recently, researchers have looked deeply at how mindless eating affects our food consumption, leading to over-eating—especially during the holiday season.
Holiday dinners and parties, New Year celebrations and Super Bowl Sunday can cause most American’s to increase their caloric intake by thousands, which will take weeks or even months to burn off.
The cues for mindless eating reach far beyond "portion-distortion" or the size of the plate we use. Unhealthy food such as cookies, cakes, and alcohol release insulin in the body which are then stored as fat. Though many people perceive this as a part of celebrating the holidays, they do not realize the effect their eating choices have on their mind, body and spirit with respect to personal and business relationships.

Comfort foods are not so comfortable. Sugar is not so sweet. Sweets can sour our mood, personality, fatigue, inflammation, heart, memory, infertility, wrinkles, acne, early aging, depression, headaches, brain fog, irritability, blurred vision, temper and more than 150 health areas. Consciously choosing to stay in alignment with healthy intentions and goals for the holiday season is an effective way to avoid easy weight gain.

Try these tips:
ü     Eat your favorite pre-planned high protein meal prior to leaving for a party.
ü     Skip the fried finger food, which is usually high fat, sugar and full of unwanted calories.
ü     Fill up on fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, display portion control verse portion distortion.
ü     Set fitness objectives with a trainer and stay consistent with your favorite exercise routine.
With a little nurturing, self-love, and appreciation for self-care and intention, you are easily able to avoid weight gain this year and hereafter.

Remember, with mindfulness... the possibilities are infinite.

Gary Kobat

Gary Kobat is a celebrity integrated performance coach who is devoted to reaching millions with his message of self-love and body/mind/spirit/sport wellness. His a-list client roster includes Jim Carrey, Will Farrel and Kate Winslet.  For more about Gary please visit 

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