A Little Beauty... Self Image

I see their point.  I mean, if you can make someone look super amazing with a couple clicks of the mouse, why not?  The only problem is that then we, regular women, see these photos and we get all bummed out.  And rightfully so.  The way they brush them, patch them, stretch them, we simply can't compete.  We (and our daughters) are hard on ourselves.  Men have messed up ideals.   It's pretty much a mess.

I think we all realize that this goes on in fashion magazine and on TV but it's nice to actually see it in action.  I for one, appreciate the time and energy the creators of this little video put into helping us realize that it's not real.  Not something attainable.  But it's still kind of a bummer that they do it in the first place.  It's still there.  And although we may realize it's fake... somehow, sometimes, it still feels real.

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