A Little Thanks... An All-Purpose Thank You

by Chantel

I am chronically terrible at sending thank you notes. Not for the lack of good breeding or intentions. I happen to have a lovely collection of some really darling note cards and I even occasionally write them out. But there is always a stamp to buy or an address to hunt down and before I know it the thank you note statute of limitations is long passed and I am left with the guilt and shame of a procrastinating ingrate.

So in the spirit of restitution, I would like to offer this universal note of thanks to the women who have made my life a little easier and made me a little better.

Thank you -

Thank you for watching my dog, my kids, my house. Thank you for the meals when I was sick. Thank you for the advice and the Diet Cokes. Thank you for lying, for telling the truth and for knowing what I needed to hear.

Thank you for loving my kids and scolding them. Thank you for the long walks, the lunches, the time. Thank you for listening.

Thanks for being older or younger than me. Thank you for your talents and your criticism. Thank you for the gift, the ride, the cup of sugar. Thanks for the suggestion, for the perspective and the doughnut. Especially the doughnut.

Thank you for the meltdown, the freak-out, the fight. Thank you for the apology and for your forgiveness. Thanks for your patience, your example and your recipes.

Thank you for valuing my opinion and for putting me in my place. Thank you for doing my dishes and my hair. Thanks for the baby shower, the birthday party and the late nights.

Thank you for the thoughts, the prayers and the concern. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for it all. Thanks again.



Erin said...

This is why Germany makes me want to cry. All of our lives are so intertwined in so many ways, I love it.

corinne said...

Chantel, you are very welcome! :) darling post.

Tami H. said...

Chantel, you are so cute!

laurie said...

Thats my girl...Your awsome honey...

sagefemme said...

Aw! You're welcome. And thank YOU, too! (Aunt Ayen)

Amelia Wilcox said...

Well you are welcome, and come get your massage!

Anonymous said...

You're writing style is just as entertaining to read, as it is to experience, in real life. Dawn


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