A Little Crazy... My House is For Sale

We are moving.  The husband got a new job and we are off.  But not far, only about an hour North.  So, time to sell the house.  It is quite the experience.  One I never really want to do again.  Here's hoping I can find a home I love where we are going.

Here are some photos...

My front room/office.  Featuring Built-in Billy Bookcases inspired by Centsational Girl.

Great room area...

Basically, keeping my house in "showing" condition constantly is not my idea of fun :)


Sara said...

Your house in showing condition looks fantastic. I think that is one of the most headachey things about moving. I think if we have to sell our house, I'd feel like I needed to live in a hotel and eat out all the time, just so my house didn't look lived in by all my kids and clutter.

Agatha K, The Fun Money Nerd said...

Lovely house! And so clean and tidy too. All the best with your move and here's wishing you find a new home as lovely as this one.

Ofelia Bertrand said...

Congrats with the promotion! By this time, I’m sure that you are all settled in your new abode. But I must say that your former residence is quite stunning! The details and pieces inside the house go well together. But, what I like most is the classic combination of subtle and dark colors in the design. It gives the house an interesting look and feel.

Kristopher Washington said...

I personally love the front office! It looks very organized, and it has a great atmosphere for work. Offices like that offer relief when your work is giving you headaches. I'm pretty sure its new owner is very happy with the blessing they got. :)



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