A Little Crafty... Homemade Snowflakes

By Somer
Once we took the Christmas decorations down the house felt a bit bare. So with the kids home from school and the outside covered in white, we set about adding a few flurries indoors.

Now, I'm not saying you don't know how to make a snowflake. I'm sure you make beautiful snowflakes. However, years ago someone taught me a new way and I never looked back. So lets give it a try.

Cut off the top rectangle. So now you have a nice isosceles triangle.

Fold your triangle again to make a smaller triangle. And then once again, for an even smaller triangle. One end of your triangle will be open, as in there will be no folds along that edge. This is the edge where you will...

cut to form something that looks kind of like an ice cream cone.

Scallop or pink (cut in zigzags) across the cut edge. You can use special scissors, but I like the look of freehand cutting.

Cut off the tip of the triangle at an angle.

Now begin to cut shapes from the two folded edges.

Make additional folds on the "inside" and cut shapes along there.

Carefully unfold your snowflake to reveal. You can be angular or organic with your cuts for great results either way.

Now heat your iron to a dry setting, I use silk. And press your snowflake flat. A back and forth motion can tear your snowflake, so to press you hold the iron in one place for about thirty seconds, then lift it and move it to another spot. You can spray your snowflake with starch for added stiffness, just be sure to press both sides so it doesn't curl.


Hall of Fame said...

These turned out GREAT. My daughter and I had alot of fun cutting these much "prettier" versions of snowflakes out! Thanks Somer!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ok, so now I need to try your way...I did a slightly different method at Christmas time, and we struggled to get them looking delicate like this...But these are lovely! Can't wait to try it out!


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