A Little Music...Brandi Carlile

By Corinne

I lived in Seattle for a few years and my friend, Vanessa, and I began to exchange some music. She gave me a couple of CDs of Brandi Carlile who is a Seattle native. She kept telling me, “You are going to love her so much!” She was so right. She gave me the albums “Brandi Carlile” and “The Story.” I loved Brandi's music, but it ended there at the time.
Fast forward to last month my sister asked me for some new music and I thought… “Brandi!” Well my sister became semi-obsessed and started researching her online. That’s when we realized she was coming out with a new album ("Give Up The Ghost") and coming to our town (TIMING! Yes!) I started listening to Brandi again and wondered why I had ever stopped! We went to her opening tour concert at The Depot in Salt Lake City, and let me tell you something: I used to really like Brandi, but after seeing her live, I am now officially a groupie. You know how some musicians or actors, once they open their mouths, make you want to do a Lloyd Christmas on them... like this: "Shhhhh!" (see picture below for reference)

(John Mayer and John Cusack, I’m looking at you here. Keep your mouths closed and I like you much better. Just stick to acting and singing, not so much talking.)
Well Brandi was the exact opposite. She was humble, down-to-earth, real, and real talented. I was in raptures. She was nervous about playing new songs in front of us in the most endearing adorable way possible. When she opened her mouth, either to sing or to talk, she came across as genuine, level-headed, and likeable. No overblown ego or annoying agenda. Exquisite (at times haunting) vocals, darling band mates (including identical twins! And a cello!) and we got to hear almost all of her new album’s songs a good month before the album was released. This made me salivate until the day of release, and this album has been playing nonstop at my house ever since. Her tunes will get hooked in your brain, I guarantee. And she grew up on classic country music and therefore explains to the audience that is why she says “ya’ll” sometimes, even though she is a northwesterner. I am not a country fan myself (so if you hate country don't stop reading!), but Brandi is not country. The genres she has been assigned are: pop, rock, alternative country, and folk.
Anyway the point is this: do yourself a favor and jump on the Brandi bandwagon if you need a little bit of something great in your life right now. You won’t regret it.
New album: Give Up The Ghost listen to all tracks on her website or go to itunes for a preview!
My favorite track from the new album: “I Will” (youtube link to a great live recording)
All time favorite track: “Happy” from “Brandi Carlile”
Best live performance song: “The Story” from “The Story”

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