A Little Organization...disposable baby bibs

By Candace

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your kids looking clean is a BIB! I always have a bib in my purse. It’s a necessity just like a diaper and wipes. If you carry one of those cute diaper/wipe cases you can just stash a clean bib in there.

I have been known to put a box of the disposable bibs in my glove box of my car so that if we decide to eat out on the run I have a bib.

These baby bjorn bibs are perfect to have at home. You would only need a few of them because when your baby is done eating you just wipe them off!

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corinne said...

I cannot recommend the Baby Bjorn bib more highly. It is all we ever use. Plus it is dishwasher safe, AND has a trough to catch all the liquids and food that inevitably spill during meal times. I have given these as gifts and my friends throw out everything else. Do yourselves a favor and get the baby bjorn bib!


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