A Little Music... A Children's Lullaby

By Corinne

Actually a little lullaby, for your little one. Or if you have a lovely voice and some know-how on the guitar (or any instrument for that matter) you could pull this off yourself!

This is Caroline Herring, a darling and talented folk singer introduced to me by a great friend (Thanks Sara!)

As far as I know, Caroline wrote this lullaby to her son, Sam, and it has never been formally recorded, but some nice person put it on youtube for us from one of her performances! It is a precious song and a catchy tune that will be playing in your mind for hours. Check it out. My friend Sara changes the word "Sam" to "son" so she can sing it to her son, Tennessee (too many syllables for a straight across exchange!)

Sam's Song, by Caroline Herring


ABrooks said...

Comments working now!

Sara Z said...
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Sara Z said...

So this little gem of a song just came out on CD as an EP. I'm so excited. It's not avail. on amazon or iTunes, but you can find it here:


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