A Little Cinema... The Blind Side

By Janet

I saw an awesome movie last night, The Blind Side. Maybe you've seen it. Anyway, it didn't hurt that I got to go with one of my daughters, after an especially frustrating day with my three little sons. My nice husband came home from work and just told us to go, and five minutes later we did. Delicious.

In the movie a gutsy, in-your-face southern woman basically rescues a homeless young black man and, with her help (and that of her amazingly and surprisingly supportive husband and family), he becomes a successful college football star. Its a true story, which makes it all the better.

I'm a sucker for a good message movie, and this one is now on my list of favorites. I kind of expected it to make me want to go out there and adopt more kids (I've already done it three times) but I can't say that it did (well, maybe just a liiiittttllle). What struck me the most about this movie was the main character's incredible CONFIDENCE. Would I have the confidence to do what I knew was right and pick up a big young African American man at night on a country road? Would I let him sleep downstairs on the couch in my home? Would I have the confidence to confront this young man's former friends in the projects, when I knew they were potentially dangerous gangsters?

This movie also made me count my blessings. There is another world out there, a world those of us sitting in our comfortable suburban homes with our comfortable suburban lives don't even recognize as the reality for the majority of people in this world. Do you worry about having enough food to eat? About where you are going to sleep tonight? Do you worry about your safety at home and in your neighborhood? If not, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

I know I need to.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

I've heard so much about this movie! I need to see it! Thanks for this review!


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